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    Interactive Lecture: How To Handle Feelings of Depression

    Are you struggling to find a reason for being? Does life seem pointless and empty? Are negative thoughts about yourself and life keeping you from living life to the full? Are you aware of your purpose yet unable to fulfill it? Then this is for you! You will learn: - Discover your life purpose - Set…
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    3 Tips To Enhance Your Bible Meditation Experience

    Date:August 19th, 2023 Time: 09:00 - 10:00 EST Are you ready to take your Bible meditation experience to the next level? We have an exciting opportunity for you! 3 tips to enhance your Bible meditation experience. This webinar will provide you with valuable insights to help deepen your understanding…
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    2 Day Silent Weekend Retreat: The Transformative Power Of Silence And Contemplation

    We live in a time of unbelievable busyness and hardly take time for contemplative silence which enables us to connect with the 'now' and thus be well rooted in our Maker and our ‘authentic self'. The practice of silent contemplation is indispensable for our spiritual, mental and physical health.…
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    Discovering The Secrets To True Joy

    Did you know that living a joyful life is an art you can learn? We often let our joy depend on people and circumstances over which we have absolutely no control. In addition, we do not understand that being 'unhappy' is usually learned behavior. Do you want to know how you can live from your…
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    My Husband My Lord My All

    Life takes us through many unexpected and unpleasant moments, even as Christians! For example, in the Bible God says: "I hate divorce" (Malachi 2: 16). Still, we see this happening all around us. Maybe you also went through this or you may have found yourself having to deal with rape, abuse,…
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    How To Deal With Seemingly Unpardonable Acts

    Have you ever said or done something so wrong and so bad that you felt that there was no way back for you anymore? Are you struggling to forgive yourself? Are you having a hard time accepting forgiveness? Are you trying to solve life's difficulties on your own because you feel unworthy to approach…
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    Mijn Echtgenoot, Mijn Heer, Mijn Alles

    Wij maken in het leven soms onverwachte en onplezierige gebeurtenissen mee, ook als christenen! In de Bijbel zegt God bijvoorbeeld: "Ik haat de echtscheiding"(Maleachi 2:16, NBG51). Toch zien wij dit overal om ons heen gebeuren. Misschien heeft u dit ook meegemaakt of heeft u te maken gehad met…
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    Señor Bo Ta Tur Kos Pa Mi

    Bida ta hiba nos na hopi momentu inesperá i inplasentero, asta komo kristian! Por ehèmpel den Beibel Dios ta bisa: "Mi ta odia divorsio" (Malakias 2:16). Tòg nos ta mira ku divorsio ta tuma lugá ront di nos. Kisas bo tambe a pasa den esaki of bo a haña bo ta dil ku violashon, abusu, malesa,…
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    How To Thrive Not Just Survive The Kingdom Way

    In this book you will dive deep into the principles of ‘How To Thrive In Life, The Kingdom Way! You will receive answers to questions like: What exactly does Jesus’ death on the cross mean for me? How can I daily live according to the victorious principles of the Kingdom of Heaven? How can I…
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    Voorspoed In Plaats Van Overleven Levensstijl Van Een Koningskind

    Degelijke fundamentele geloofsovertuigingen en het begrijpen hoe je deze praktisch kunt toepassen zijn de absolute sleutels tot het hebben van voorspoed in je leven. Wanneer deze geloofsovertuigingen daarnaast ook nog gevestigd en geankerd zijn in het onwankelbare Woord van God, zal het uitmonden in…
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    Online workshop: Reclaiming Your True Identity

    Discover the power of self-discovery and transformation at our upcoming online workshop, "Reclaiming Your True Identity." Join us for an enlightening journey into the depths of your identity, guided by insightful discussions and practical exercises. 🔍 Uncover the Essence of You: What is your…

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