Shiloh. A place of rest where you can attend workshops on a variety of topics. Would you like to organize your own retreat or conference or simply book an overnight stay? That's possible too!

A central retreat place on Curacao where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take time to re-focus and recharge.

Book an overnight stay or register for our workshops. Take time to recharge mentally and emotionally.
  • With each overnight stay, participate without obligation in the workshops offered.
  • Different corners where you can retreat and meditate in silence on the content of the workshops. Within the walls of Shiloh, we ask our visitors to respect silence and tranquility.
  • Books and materials as food for self-reflection.
  • Being "community" for each other, sharing beautiful conversations can be refreshing and healing. We encourage guests to meet in a casual atmosphere in our covered dining room.
  • Opportunity to request an individual (coaching) call. This will be scheduled for a fee.

"It is our desire to give our visitors an experience that they can look back on positively for the rest of their lives. Shiloh also hopes to be a place of more than just rest and relaxation for you."

What makes us different
We believe that every person can come fully to themselves by seeking the core of their existence in their authentic "self" and in a Higher Power that knows unerringly how we can each arrive at our unique destination.

This is what drives us to be a conduit, so that our visitors can come (back) to themselves from this place of peace. The versatility of Shiloh: a perfect combination of tranquility and educational workshops.