My Identity: gets into who God has called you to be and how you can use forgiveness to free yourself from destructive and limiting beliefs. You will be set free from the impact of negative life circumstances and destructive words of man as you allow God to completely define your identity.

March 2
- Circumstances and events that hinder you from being who you really are.

- What does God say about who I am, what I have, and what I can do?

- Possible identity distortion from conception to adulthood

- Possible consequences of a distorted identity.


March 9
- Forgiveness the key to freedom

- Why forgive?

- The 2 main reasons to forgive


March 16

-Being your authentic self from a healthy identity.

- What is a healthy identity?

- Conditions to walking in your Kingdom authority

- Your legal right: Take hold of what you are entitled to!

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