The Creative Power of Complaining 

Here at the beginning of this new year I believe it is relevant to share an important message with you. Something that I believe that you can think about and apply in your life in the new year. 

My blog today is about the fact that “In the spirit realm my words represent what I want to see happen in my life”.

What do I mean by that? When we look at the Bible story of creation we read that we have been created in God’s image and likeness. When we see how God created the whole earth, it was by the spoken word. He said: “Let there be”, and it was so! Let there be light, and it was so! Let there be the sun and the moon and the stars, and it was so! Let us create man in our image and likeness, and it was so! The spoken word creates the very thing that that word says. And that is how we too have been created: our words bring into reality, the very thing that that word represents!

Therefore, it is very important that we realize that when we complain - which is something that God actually warns us against - we are actually creating, strengthening and solidifying the very thing that we are complaining about. The very thing that we actually do not want to see come to pass in our lives. 

For example, if I complain about my husband or if you complain about your wife and you say: “He/she will never learn how to treat me right!” My complaining to myself and others will only help make it a sure and definite reality that “he/she will never learn how to treat me right!”

Whatever you and I speak in the spiritual realm, is considered to be what we want to see created in our life. The spirit realm does not think: “Oh, this is just a complaint, it doesn’t need to be taken seriously. It is not that important”. NO! 

The spirit realm recognizes your complaining as a direct order to bring into reality that which is coming out of your mouth. So the more we complain, speaking out all the negatives about what we are experiencing or what we see around us, the more all these negatives will gain power to actually produce what we are constantly putting out there with our words. The situation remains unchanged or becomes even worse because your words have the power to create. 

So, why not become aware and see for yourself how you speak and what the result is? And then, determine in this new year to only proclaim positive statements about what you WANT to see happen, rather than continuously voicing what you are actually seeing. Change the course of your life by your words. 

You have been given words to use for good and not for evil, for creating and not for destruction of your own life and of those around you. You have been given the awesome privilege of having the power to create good and beautiful things that you would like to see materialize in your life. 

I would like this short message to be an eye-opener to you and give you a new course to run in this coming year. I hope that you can apply this to your life and see the positive fruit of your words come to pass in your daily reality.

All for now.

Melanie Kos

I Thrive In Life


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