House of Prayer

About Shiloh’s House of Prayer Curacao

At the heart of Shiloh’s Curacao is the House of Prayer, which is he central focus of what Shiloh’s is all about. Within the premises of Shiloh’s it is from the Upper Room location that prayer and intercession is lifted up unto the Lord on a daily basis. 

At Shiloh’s House of Prayer visitors can join us for prayer on different topics which are dear to the Lord’s heart, throughout the week. Please check our Facebook Page Shiloh’s House of Prayer and Community Center Curacao for scheduling and trainings that are available.

Visitors are free to stay as long as they like during our prayer events and can join in with the corporate worship and prayer. Time can also be spent reading or studying the Bible, engaging in personal prayer, journaling or prophetic artwork.

Whether visitors sit or pace up and down throughout our areas of prayer, it is all accepted, But we do ask to do so in a way that is honoring to the Lord and to the other people in the room.

Trainings on diverse topics, corporate soaking for (inner) healing and rest, praise & worship nights, prayer vigils and prayer for healing and deliverance are all part of what Shiloh’s House of Prayer offers at appointed times during the year.

Shiloh’s House of Prayer also serves as a haven of rest for those looking for a quiet place to shut down and relax for a night, a week or however long is necessary. Please go to our Room and Conference Rental Prices tab for pricing information.

We trust that, as the Lord leads, we will steadily see more people put their shoulders under the work of the House of Prayer so that ultimately 24/7 prayer and activities can be made available to the public around the clock, day and night.